Wrightsville Cemetery

The Wrightsville Cemetery Association (“WCA”) is a chapter 3(c)(13) charitable non-profit organization committed to maintaining and operating Fairview Cemetery in perpetuity. WCA is managed by an all volunteer Board of Directors made up of residents of the communities it serves. None of its officers are compensated by WCA. 

WCA was founded on September 5, 1870, under the leadership of its first President elect, Dr. John Thomson, and eight other community leaders who comprised its original Board of Directors. The new cemetery occupied about three acres south and adjacent to Hellam Street purchased from David Detweiler, consisting of the current cemetery sections A, B, C, and D. On October 31, 1870, Mr. John Fitz was appointed to be WCA’s first Superintendent of Grounds. WCA’s Constitution, By-Laws, rules and regulations were printed and adopted by the Board on November 17, 1870. Lot prices were set at $14, $11, and $10 (depending on avenue frontage) in sections A and B. All lots in sections C and D were $10. On December 23, 1870, the cemetery was officially named “Fairview” (other names considered included “Greenvale” and “Green Mount”). 

On March 29, 1902, an additional three acres of land for the cemetery was purchased from Paul Detweiler, extending Fairview Cemetery’s boundary south to Orange Street (current sections E, F, G, and H). On September 11, 1918, an additional three acres of land was purchased from Paul Detweiler. Later, WCA purchased five more acres of ground from the Deiter Farm, bringing the total acreage to what it is today, about fourteen acres.



Full Lot (2 graves)

Half Lot (1 grave)

Lots at End of Row Near Road
add $50 to Lot Price


Single Grave Opening Mon-Fri

Single Grave Opening Saturday

Single Grave Opening Sunday

Double Depth Grave Opening

Opening for Cremains Mon-Fri

Opening for Cremains


Layout Monument Base New Stone

Install Veteran Plaque on Grave


      • Decorations limited to two per grave.
      • Arbors, basket hooks, tripods, rustic or iron work, architectural items, wires, stakes and furniture are prohibited.
      • Vases made of wood, iron, brick, cement, terra cotta, glass, ceramic, and/or any other easily broken materials are not permitted.
      • No pots or containers are to be buried or embedded in the ground or lawn.
      • Fencing, coping, curbing, walls, or any other item that obstructs the movement of mowers or other cemetery equipment is prohibited.
      • All floral remembrances must be in an easy to trim vase container.
      • The cemetery will neither be responsible nor liable for any decoration, container, or other lost, stolen, broken, or misplaced item.
      • Planting of any flowers, shrubs, trees, or any living item in the cemetery is strictly forbidden.
      • The removal of any flowers, shrubs, trees, or any other living item from the cemetery, or any picking flowers, trimming or breaking of shrubs, plants or trees is prohibited.
      • Wilted, faded or unsightly flowers or decorations will be removed from lots throughout the year.


Phil Lehman, President
Donyae Kalbarczyk, Secretary
Charles Lauchman, Superintendent
Robert Etzweiler, Member
Paul Fahringer, Member

G. Robert Gotwols, Vice-President
Fred Smith, Treasurer
Martha Weitzel, Member
William Rhine, Member